Neatliekamās medicīniskās palīdzības dienests

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Calling for medical help

You can call for emergency medical help by calling the direct emergency number 113 or the European emergency telephone number 112.

When to call 113?

Call 113 immediately in a life threatening emergency. Including, but not limited to:

Will I have to pay?

In a life threathening situation citizens of Latvia and several other countries are eligible for free emergency medical help provided by SEMS, including:

In case you do not belong to any of the groups mentioned above or can not present the required documentation for any reason at the time of emergency, you will be served a bill for Eur 144,51 (paid using bank transfer within 30 days). Example of statement - invoice


Since we do understand it might be difficult to present the required documentation at the time of emergency, you may appeal to SEMS within 2 weeks after the emergency and present the documentation (alternatively you may send a scanned version to

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