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Pre-hospital and specialized EMC is coordinated in interactive manner and is financed by state budget. For local patient in need it is free of charge. Also, to provide equal EMC services for inhabitants’ residing in border areas - SEMS has developed cooperation with the neighbor countries - Estonia, Lithuania and Belarus.

The state covered specialised medical service capacity covers only those cases when a CEDM specialist is called in by one of the hospitals of Latvia, once it has been established that own efforts and resources are insufficient to save the life and health of the patient. In cases when the patients, their relatives, or employers wishing to receive more qualified medical care call in the specialists of the CEDM themselves the state does not cover the expenses. To ensure the rights of the patients to freely choose and receive highly qualified medical care CEDM offers services for charge* and provides specialised medical care to patients both within and outside the borders of Latvia.

Repatriation to the homeland

The qualified and certified SEMS medical personnel provide medical repatriation of patients from foreign countries to their homeland. This service is rendered both to the inhabitants of Latvia and those of other countries if during their stay in Latvia they are experiencing health problems

Medical evacuation

The highly qualified and experienced SEMS medical personnel perform medical evacuation with transport appropriate to the health condition of the patient from any health institution to an appropriate specialised hospital both within and outside the borders of Latvia.

Medical care in large public events

SEMS organizes and provides specialized emergency medical care at celebrations, concerts, sports and other mass activities according to the legislation standards of the European Union and the Republic of Latvia.

Inquiries may be addressed to Department of Charged medical services department at or via telephone +371 67337022, +371 27874233, +371 29447710.